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Welcome to Jessica Martin's official website.

This Help page is designed to contain useful information and tips on the navigation and use of this website.

If you have any problems or queries not answered on this page, please feel free to email Webmaster with your questions and suggestions.


Web links are displayed in bold grey text which highlights in dark red or as icons which also highlight in dark red when the cursor is over them.

Links to webpages internal to this website open in the same browser window or tab.

Links to webpages on external websites open in a different browser window or tab, so as not to force leaving this website when following the link.

Each page header icon describes the current page but is also a link to the page above, whose name is highlighted in the icon when the cursor is over it.

The '< Previous Page' link at the top of each page links to the previous page viewed.

It is always worth hovering the cursor over any icons, images or highlighted text, as they may contain links to other useful or interesting pages.



The photo gallery is powered by Highslide JS software under license, which uses JavaScript to operate.

So it is important that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.

To enable JavaScript in your browser:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Open the 'Tools' menu and select 'Internet Options' then open the 'Security' tab and select the 'Internet Zone' icon and press the 'Custom level...' button then click the 'Enable active scripting' option.

Mozilla FireFox
Open the 'Tools' menu and select 'Options' then click the 'Enable JavaScript' option.

Google Chrome
Open the 'Menu' and select 'Tools' and open the 'Under the bonnet' tab press the 'Content Settings' button and select 'JavaScript' and click the 'Allow all sites to run JavaScript' option.

Apple Safari
Open the 'Tools' menu and select 'Preferences' and open the 'Security' tab and click the 'Enable JavaScript' option.

Open the 'Menu' and select 'Settings' then 'Preferences' and open the 'Advanced' tab and pick 'Content' and click the 'Enable JavaScript' option.

Mozilla SeaMonkey
Open the 'Edit' menu and select 'Preferences' then select 'Advanced' then 'Scripts & Plugins' and click the 'Enable JavaScript for Browser' option.


The audio playback on the SoundClips pages is powered by the new Yahoo! Media Player embeded in the page and should work automatically in all browsers.

The sound clips are mp3 files.

The embedding of the Yahoo! Media Player in the SoundClips pages requires JavaScript, so please ensure JavaScript is enabled in your browser by following the instructions above.

The background sound playing on the Main page is an aiff sound file embeded in the page and powered by Apple QuickTime.

This background sound may be controlled via the Apple QuickTime media control bar at the bottom of the page (scroll down to it).


The movie playback on the MovieClips pages is powered by Apple QuickTime plugin and should play automatically in all browsers.

The movie clips are mp4 files.

Although the mp4 format is small with good quality, some of these movie files may take some time to download.

Please be patient.

There is a smaller version of each movie clip, which will download much faster, from the link to the right of each movie clip link.

If there is a problem with the movie file during download, the light blue Apple QuickTime 'Q' icon will display broken.

If your browser does not have Apple QuickTime plugin installed, the light blue Apple QuickTime 'Q' icon will not appear but a text link will display for download of the Apple QuickTime plugin from Apple Inc.

There is also a link below the movie display area to the Apple QuickTime plugin download page at Apple Inc.


There are email links on the Main page and Contact page to the Webmaster who designed and built this website.

Please feel free to email the Webmaster with any comments, suggestions or problems on this website or for any help or advice regarding this website or its content.

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