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Jessica Martin: Reviews

What people have said about my work:

"Jessica Martin is wonderful as a vulnerable, interesting Lottie - a character I found particularly fascinating and would liked to have known more about."
Chewing the Scenery - Harry Zing (review)

"The incomparable Jessica Martin blows the roof off with a stunning tap routine."
Gene David Kirk (review)

"Jessica Martin as Lottie is a pleasure to watch. She brings some wit to the stage throughout, culminating in a spectacular piece of musical theatre, 'Tap Your Troubles Away'."
broadwayWORLD.COM (review)

"Jessica Martin's terrific Lottie Ames."
What's On Stage (review)

"Jessica Martin's brilliant performance is shown again in the number 'Diva's Lament'..."
The Jitty (review)

"The powerful voice of the Lady of the Lake (Jessica Martin) was amazing. Her skill for holding notes and taking them high was awe-inspiring."
The Public Reviews (review)

"...but it was Jessica Martin as The Lady of the Lake who provided the best moments with her fantastic voice in 'The Diva's Lament' I wish she had more songs in this show."
Teesdale Mercury (review)

"Hats off to Jessica Martin as the Lady of the Lake, who sang with beauty and conviction, but held up the sarcastic, playful tone of the show." (review)

"I really liked Jessica Martin as The Lady of the Lake; what a voice."
The Northern Echo (review)

"...the stand-out performance for me was Jessica Martin as the Lady of the Lake. She may be small of stature but she has fantastic stage presence and a huge voice and made each song her own. Her performance of 'The Diva's Lament' was an absolute joy."
The British Theatre Guide (review)

"Jessica Martin gives a fantastic comic performance."
What's On Stage (review)

"...despite the tomfoolery, Jessica's strong voice rings out confidently in numbers such as 'The Song that Goes Like This' and 'Diva's Lament'. You deserve that bouquet Jessica."
Messenger Newspapers (review)

"Jessica's a class act, done all sorts, notably starring above the titles with Gary Wilmot in the West End production of Me And My Girl and voicing loads of Spitting Image puppets. (She is a wicked impressionist.)"
Grant Baynham (review)

"Jessica is multi talented. A powerful actress and singer and one of the nicest ladies on the planet..."
The Music Hall Guild of Great Britain and America

"Martin certainly brought some great vocals to the show."
The Public Reviews (review)

"Martin has a wealth of experience in West End musicals."
Musical Theatre News Blog (review)

"I really enjoyed this show. Jessica Martin is fantastic , a really talented singer & actress."
Dress Circle Message Board (review)

"Jessica has a great voice and is a very good mimic, and she puts these talents to good use in “Sunset Bitch”." (review)

"Jessica's voice is astonishingly powerful and her performance affecting."
What's On Stage (review)

"Jessica Martin is a virtuoso performer both as a singer and as an impressionist"
Musical Stages

"Spiky, affectionate and gloriously entertaining"
The Kentish Times (review)

"Sunset Bitch provides an excellent vehicle for Ms Martin's multiple talents"
The British Theatre Guide (review)

" Martin an opportunity to display her astonishing range of astute and sometimes acute impressions"
The Stage (review)

"Martin has an amazing voice that’s as just as effective singing ballades as comic cabaret"
Attitude Magazine (review)

"Jessica Martin's hilarious one-woman show Sunset Bitch will bring riotous laughter to Waterloo East Theatre"
SE1 Magazine (review)

"A gutsy versatile singer, and also a very talented mimic, a musical comedy star of the first magnitude"
Time Out London

"Executed with polish, charisma and sparkle"
What’s On London

"The wonderful Jessica Martin."
What's On Stage (review)

"Jessica Martin is a first-rate Broadway-style singer"

"Gives a spitfire performance"
Sunday Times

"A rare piece of cabaret perfection"
The Stage

"Glory in sitting close to a diva at the height of her powers"
The List, Edinburgh Festival

"Pitches her smart arse comedy just right"
What's On

"Manages to make evil sexy"

"Jessica is one of the best impressionists the UK has to offer"
Cabaret Scenes

"There simply are not many performers of her experience and versatility around"
The Stage

"She gives a punchy June Allyson-style performance in her number 'I Only Dig That Jive'"
What's On Stage (review)

"Jessica is startlingly versatile! A superb impressionist & character actress, as well as a wonderful singer"
Calypso Voices (review)

"Steals the show"
Time Out

"A galaxy of stars under one roof"
Ham & High

"Brings an emotional credibility and vulnerability……… a talent to watch"
British Theatre Guide

"Makes a stunning impression"
Daily Star

"Funny, quirky, bright and bubbly"

"Superb timing, enthralling singing, astute impersonations and vivid story telling"
Camden New Journal

"A bravura performance of singing, repartee and impersonations"
What's On

"Looks and sounds as if she has stepped off the Silver Screen circa 1940"
Financial Times

"Pert and saucy"
Evening Standard

"Great zest"
Daily Telegraph

"As far as I am concerned you are a total genius"
HRH Prince Charles

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